A Bit about Sheri Oz and How She Got To Xi’an (of all places)

I am a marital and family therapist by training and an expert in the treatment of victims/survivors of childhood sexual abuse and their families. After almost 30 years of clinical and supervisory work, as well as establishing and running the first private  multidisciplinary clinic in the country in this field, I now focus on writing and teaching in order to pass on to the next generation of therapists all that I have learned over the years.

Sometimes my participation in professional conferences has taken me to various parts of the world. The topic of this blog is my month-long stay in Xi’an, China, at the invitation of Prof Fuyong Jiao.  I never wanted to go to China, in particular. There were other parts of the world (Africa mainly) that called out to me in my heart. But Prof Fuyong reached out to me and convinced me that I wanted to see Xi’an.

As the trip grew closer, my excitement rose and China fulfilled every fantasy and that month became a highlight of my life. Here I share with you what I experienced.

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